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<Qatar Tribune> Korean artist`s synergy of works
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Korean artist's synergy of works


Mona Mashhoor


Technology and art, which seem to be from two different worlds, have been increasingly

interconnected as the two fields merge to create unexpected innovations and 

push each other's boundaries. Such synergy was displayed at the opening ceremony

held for Korean artist  Lee Lee Nam's solo exhibition at the Katara Art Centre on Monday. 

Lee, with a background in sculpture, started making animated media work in 1997

in order to overcome the limit of motionless sculpture.

He stated that media art allowed him to visualise his ideas and imagination better.

During his introduction, some of his previous works were displayed, sharing with

the attendees his artistic journey. His early work, the first"live sculpture" was a short

video work, showing how a lump of clay is made into a head sculpture.

He studied media art and animation technology seriously to take his experiment with media art further.

He started making animated paintings and borrowed images from masterpieces and

reinterpreted them to make his art more approachable to the general public. 

"I wanted people to feel interested in my art and stand longer in front of my work," said Lee.

The exhibition saw many supporters from the Korean and Asian community, in addition to

several members of the Korean Embassy, with many of the attendees debating and

admiring Lee's artistic interpretation with great fervour. His digitally transformed masterpieces

have been featured in corporate commercials and stage art. Since his first exhibition in China in 2007, 

many works following his techniques have been created.

"Creativity is random access. I always make materials available around me   so that they can inspire me, 

and since my debut in China,  I have strived to constantly create more and challenge myself," said Lee.            












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