류영신 Ryu, Young-Shin
Forest-Black Hole, 130.3x 130cm, Mixed media on canvas, 2016
Artist History
Ryu Young-Shin  (1957~ )
1998, GraduateSchool of Fine Art, Chung-Ang University,(Department of Western Painting).
Completed RepinAcademy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Completed I&rsquoAcademie de la Grande Chaumlere. A Montparmasse, France
Solo Exhibition 29Times
2017 Special Exhibition of Asan Gallery 10th Anniversary
2016 28th Gallery LAMER, Seoul, KOREA
2015 27th Able Fine Art NY-Seoul Gallery
2013 18thSoloExhibition,SalonArtShopping,CarrouselduLouvre,France
2013 17thSoloExhibition,AbleFineArtNYGallery,NewYork
2012 16thSoloExhibition,GalleryBlessium,Seoul,KOREA
2011 13thSoloExhibition,ConventionExhibitionCenter,Sydney
2010 9thSoloExhibition,FullCityGallery,KOREA
2009 9thSoloExhibition,TakasakiCityGallery,JAPAN
2008 6thSoloExhibition,LeeHyungArtCenter,KOREA
2005 4thSoloExhibition,DanWonMuseum,KOREA
2000 2ndSoloExhibition,LotteArtGallery,KOREA
1995 1stSoloExhibition,InDaecoGallery,KOREA

 Art Fair 37times
2017 Art Busan, Busan
2016 ART. FAIR. KOLN, Germany
2016 KIAF, Seoul
2016 ART SHOW BUSAN, Busan
2015 Affordable ArtFair Seoul<DDP,Seoul>
2013 KIAF<COEX,Seoul>
2013 Le 5e ASIA ART EXPO
2012 Affordable<Singapore Art Fair>
2012 Köln Art Fair <Germany>
2012 KIAF<COEX, Seoul>
2012 Hong Kong Art& Antiques, Hong Kong Convention Center
2012 KÜST ArtFair<ITALY>
2012 Hong KongContemporary <Hong Kong>
2012 Fountain ArtFair <New York>
2012 Hotel Fair<Rich Calten Hotel>
2011 Korea ArtShow <New York>
2011 Sydney ArtShow <Sydney>